Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Note on Joe Abercrombie

While perusing his website (, I came across a contact link for this man that has so inspired my husband to plow through three books in record time.  So, being the author stalker that I am, I sent him an e-mail.

It read:

My husband has enjoyed The First Law books so much that, once he finished Before They Are Hanged, he went on a desperate search for Last Argument of Kings, only to discover it wasn't out here in the states yet.  So, being the good wife (and book whore) that I am, I ordered it from just so he didn't have to wait.  He finished it last night and now he's sad.    Me?  I'm only just starting Before They Are Hanged, so I've got some time yet. 

Thanks - It's been too long since I've read such a great fantasy series.

How freaking surprised to you think I was to receive a reply from him just ten days later?

His read:

I’m glad I’ve made your husband sad.

Hopefully I can make you sad too, and him even sadder in the future.

Is that wrong of me?


Joe Abercrombie

Is it any surprise that I love this man?



Redheaded Mama said...

Heeheeheehee, what a response!

Anonymous said...

ok well that is just tooo cool for words. Well - words from ME that is. I bet YOU have some