Monday, October 27, 2008

Better Than Chocolate ~ Lacey Savage

Okay, there.  I’ve said it.  If there IS anything ‘Better than Chocolate’ it was certainly this story!

And before I go any further, let me first say this: I am a total Lacey fangirl.  And sadly, poor Lacey knows it.  The first novel of hers that I read was Elves Gone Wild and let me tell you – it had me running for a Popsicle!

Now, the important stuff:

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Silvana McCurdy is losing her mind. She hasn't had a good night's sleep in six weeks, all because of a dream lover who insists on playing out every one of her sexual fantasies -- even the kinky, bold, and disturbing ones. If only he was real... she could figure out a way to deal with him then.

But he is real. And when Silvana meets Rafael, she's shocked by the tumultuous effect he has on her. Just by touching her, he threatens to unleash the dragon that lies dormant inside her soul. And that's a risk she's not willing to take. So she runs away from the man who's slowly ruining her life and takes shelter inside Madame Periwinkle's Erotic Delights shop.

Yet the surprises don't stop there. Madam Periwinkle offers Silvana a solution in the shape of a perfectly crafted chocolate dildo. Too bad magical dildos don't come with instructions. Silvana has no idea whether she should she eat it, insert it, or dangle it in a circular pattern before her eyes like she's seen hypnotists do on TV. Still, she's willing to try anything, even if it means she has to risk exposing her deepest secrets... and her heart.

I will never cease to be amazed at how an author can not just give you a complete story in so few pages, but also draw you in, capture your imagination and give you such well-developed characters.  Lacey excels in this area.  You go in feeling like you know most of her characters. 

Better than Chocolate is no exception.  She takes the idea of a lonely shape-shifting dragon and runs from there.  After a confrontation with the man from her dreams – in real life on the subway -  Silvana rushes into the safety of an erotic toy store.  Little does she know, that chance encounter with Madam Periwinkle would change everything.

Steamy even by Lacey’s standards, Better than Chocolate is an exciting romp with fun, intriguing characters.  Love the idea of the dragon shifter (soooo bored with your usual sifters thank you and yeah, I know, I’ll be shot at dawn for that comment…) and the problems that she has make things so much more interesting.  And *cough* seriously, how can you pass up the idea of a chocolate dildo?

~TCBL, suddenly craving a Hershey bar…  

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Lacey Savage said...

Oh, wow, Amy, thanks so much! I wasn't sure how well this story would be received, because it's so... different. It sounds like in this case, different was a good thing! :-)