Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fool Moon ~ Jim Butcher

Book 2 in The Dresden Files

Available at all major book stores.

Picking up a few months after where Storm Front left off, Fool Moon puts poor Harry Dresden smack dab in the middle of hell right from the start. 

Karrin Murphy, head of Chicago’s Special Investigations force, is ticked at Harry for not giving her full disclosure in the events of the previous spring.  Feeling as if she can no longer trust him, she refrains from calling him in on any cases to consult.  Therefore, Harry suffers.

Until a brutally murdered corpse shows up and Murphy knows she needs Harry to stop this mysterious killer before he kills again.  Even more intense and action packed than the first in the series, Fool Moon doesn’t stop once it’s started.  Harry Dresden and anyone within a ten-foot radius is taken on the wildest ride of their lives.

Jim Butcher, while impressive with his first novel in the series, has grown by leaps and bounds in this, the second Dresden Files novel.  Outside sources keep telling me that they get better and better every novel, and I’m beginning to believe them.  So happy to know that I have book 3, Grave Peril, tucked into my desk here, just waiting on me…


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