Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Always You ~ Belinda McBride

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In the future, we don't choose our mates; Nature chooses for us. Nature doesn't make mistakes. And if you don't pay attention to Nature's Imperative, you suffer.

She could always get under his skin. He could always send her spinning into fury. Marilyn and Neil aren’t like oil and water, they’re like dynamite and a fuse! Not only do these co-workers hate each other, but Mari’s still in love with her ex-husband, and Neil? Well, Neil is gay.

Nature’s got some explaining to do.

The second novel in Belinda McBride’s Imperative series, Always You  again tackles the question of whether Nature really knows what she’s doing or not.  Neil’s struggles with his sexuality and Marilyn’s struggles with her self-image combine into an intense story of self-discovery and forgiveness. 

I love the whole idea of the Imperative.  Makes for some interesting stories, as she has shown us.  I also love the way she brings back the trio from Missing You for a sort of cameo appearance in this story.  Nice to know that group is still alive and well!  All in all, a very emotional, very steamy novel that is more than well-worth the read!


Robin Snodgrass said...

Great review Amy! I have got to read this one. I loved book one and have bought book 2 - just haven't had time to do any reading lately. Thanks for letting us know it's a good one!

beth kery said...

Kudos to Belinda for another great read, and nice reveiw there, Amy!