Friday, November 14, 2008

Black Ambrosia ~ Elizabeth Engstrom

Sadly, the book is currently out of print, however may have a copy in their marketplace, as might PaperbackSwap or other used book stores. 

Front cover of Black Ambrosia

Young Angelina Watson packs a backpack and heads out on her own, knowing that there is something a little bit different about her. Through her extraordinary travels and the strange things teenage girls can talk themselves into, Angelina believes herself to be a vampire. She willingly taps into the darkness that exists within each of us, embraces it, forges a lover's bond with it, and becomes one with it.

She is pursued by Boyd, an idealistic young man who can't decide if he loves her or hates her, and his obsession for doing "right" makes him a mirror of that for which he seeks.

This was one of the most unique, original vampire novels I have ever read.  Despite her constant battle within herself, she is always fully aware of what is going on around her.  She leads Boyd on the chase of his life only to end where it once began.  Each chapter is told from Angelina’s point of view with ‘interviews’ at the end from those she meets in each chapter or from Boyd.  Refreshing style and a great story.

Very highly recommended if you can find a copy!

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