Friday, December 26, 2008

Harlequin Violet: Blind Date ~ Emma Darcy/Mihoko Hirose

Catherine knew her sister meant well, but a blind date with a famous, handsome tycoon was not exactly what she needed. Zack Freeman was equally annoyed when his best friend defied him to leave work behind for a moment and have a little fun. When they met, Catherine saw desire in Zack's eyes, and it was clear he found her irresistible. Both were surprised to find their blind date turn into one unforgettable night with consequences that would change both their lives!

Harlequin offering manga?  Yeah, it's true.  And to be honest, this one wasn't all that bad!  Harlequin Violet is spicier than the Harlequin Pink manga, so be forewarned.  Although there isn't any explicit content, there is suggestive drawing.  That said, the story behind this was more complex and less fluffy than the Harlequin Pink titles I've read.  It's a cute, quick read and well worth it.


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