Monday, December 1, 2008

Kissing Casanova ~ Crystal B. Bright

You can find Crystal here and you can find Casanova here.

What started as a publicity stunt to jump start a professional wrestling company turns top wrestler, Casanova’s, life upside down. The owners hope a week-long expose article on their top wrestler will bring in new fans. Casanova is no fan of journalists, however, and he isn’t keen on the idea of opening up about his life, especially with the secrets he's trying to hide.

Unfortunately for him that’s all it takes to rivet Soledad Monroe’s interest in what was only a half hearted attempt at journalism. A rich, socialite-party girl, Soledad Monroe hates the fact that her parents have forced her to work as a journalist at one of their magazines almost as much as she resents her parents’ determination to steer her away from the altar, for Soledad, a seven-time divorcee, marries like it's a hobby. For a wrestler whose shtick is asking planted women in the audience to marry him, the world is waiting for him to propose and fill in spot number eight....

As crazy as this combination sounds, it works and works well!  Soledad is a spoiled brat doing just what she has to in order to keep from getting cut off.  Tyler is stuck in the horrors of his past and unable to trust.  Through a few mishaps and a lot of crossed wires, they eventually get to know one another and begin to trust all over again.

Very well written and spicy, without being overly graphic, Kissing Casanova was a nice change from your usual contemporary romance.  Full of laughs as well as tender moments.


Crystal B. Bright said...

Thanks for the great review, Crazy Lady! It was a blast to write!


Crazy Lady said...

You're so welcome - it was a fun read!