Friday, November 14, 2008

Black Ambrosia ~ Elizabeth Engstrom

Sadly, the book is currently out of print, however may have a copy in their marketplace, as might PaperbackSwap or other used book stores. 

Front cover of Black Ambrosia

Young Angelina Watson packs a backpack and heads out on her own, knowing that there is something a little bit different about her. Through her extraordinary travels and the strange things teenage girls can talk themselves into, Angelina believes herself to be a vampire. She willingly taps into the darkness that exists within each of us, embraces it, forges a lover's bond with it, and becomes one with it.

She is pursued by Boyd, an idealistic young man who can't decide if he loves her or hates her, and his obsession for doing "right" makes him a mirror of that for which he seeks.

This was one of the most unique, original vampire novels I have ever read.  Despite her constant battle within herself, she is always fully aware of what is going on around her.  She leads Boyd on the chase of his life only to end where it once began.  Each chapter is told from Angelina’s point of view with ‘interviews’ at the end from those she meets in each chapter or from Boyd.  Refreshing style and a great story.

Very highly recommended if you can find a copy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Always You ~ Belinda McBride

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In the future, we don't choose our mates; Nature chooses for us. Nature doesn't make mistakes. And if you don't pay attention to Nature's Imperative, you suffer.

She could always get under his skin. He could always send her spinning into fury. Marilyn and Neil aren’t like oil and water, they’re like dynamite and a fuse! Not only do these co-workers hate each other, but Mari’s still in love with her ex-husband, and Neil? Well, Neil is gay.

Nature’s got some explaining to do.

The second novel in Belinda McBride’s Imperative series, Always You  again tackles the question of whether Nature really knows what she’s doing or not.  Neil’s struggles with his sexuality and Marilyn’s struggles with her self-image combine into an intense story of self-discovery and forgiveness. 

I love the whole idea of the Imperative.  Makes for some interesting stories, as she has shown us.  I also love the way she brings back the trio from Missing You for a sort of cameo appearance in this story.  Nice to know that group is still alive and well!  All in all, a very emotional, very steamy novel that is more than well-worth the read!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Call of the Wild ~ Sierra Dafoe

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Call of the Wild by Sierra  Dafoe

Welcome to Wolf Creek Cove...

In an isolated area of northern Manitoba lives an unusual breed of wolf. They are the Shumani, the wolves who walk as men. But the longer they go without contact with humans, the more they regress into wild wolves.

Larak and his den-brother Kam watched helplessly as the Shumani dwelling in the hills above Wolf Creek were taken over by Hunt, a vicious black wolf who will do anything to retain control of the pack. Now, with the arrival of the only human they've seen since cubhood, Larak and Kam vow to end Hunt's domination.

Sarah Hartwell, domestic disaster and wolf aficonado, has left her fiance to spend eight months studying the wolves. Little does she know she will become a pawn in the battle for control of the Shumani -- a pawn Hunt is determined to remove from the game.

Can Larak and Kam convince her to give up a safe, secure life among her own kind for one of danger, passion, and the call of the wild?

I'll admit it, I think that the wolf-shifter/werewolf thing has been done to death.  I feel the same way about vampires, however I have an undead fetish that just won't rest... So, when I looked at Call of the Wild, I wondered what it could bring to persuade me to feel otherwise about the shifter genre in general.

Sierra Dafoe not only brings you to a beautiful, isolated area in far northern Canada, she also brings the action with her.  Fast-paced and engrossing, you're constantly wanting to know what's going to happen next, when Sarah's going to figure it all out and will she stay or will she go? 

Sarah has given up on men after leaving a bad relationship.  Larak and Kam are wary of the human in their lands.  However, when Kam is injured, Sarah takes the wolf -and his human-looking (and very naked) possible poacher - in to heal.  Only to discover the wolf is not just a wolf... and the (very naked) man is not just a man...

This was my first of Sierra's books and I was so happy when I got her newsletter in the e-mail this morning alerting me to a sequel.  And thank the gods, she really left us hanging at the end of this one!  I will definitely be looking into more of her work and soon.

Black Planet: Little Dragon ~ Belinda McBride

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Black Planet: Little Dragon by Belinda  McBride

Following a devastating injury, Detective Rose "Little Dragon" Lee takes a courier job to make payments on her ship. The job was her ship is captured by the dangerous, war-like Nephris.

Nephris Commander Arad Soheil immediately recognizes his captive as the one person his government would most like to capture and terminate. Arad immediately files a property claim on the dangerous female, making her part of his household. Rose means more to him than a warm body in his bed or a vessel for his children. She holds the key to his freedom and his sanity, to his very life.

Because Arad Soheil is not what he seems, and his time is running out.

First, I have to confess that I'm a dork, and while most of you reading this will already KNOW that it is true, I have to clarify this for those who don't really know me.  I read these books backwards.  Yeah, I know, not devastating news, but I think they would have flowed a bit better had I read them in order. LOL  Oh well...   

Belinda McBride has me green with envy - she has a real talent for creating alternate/futuristic worlds with races of aliens that not even Gene Roddenberry could have dreamed up.  I love the fact that her heroines are tiny, but powerful women, hell-bent on doing things their way and making it work.  And to add fuel to the fire - she writes gripping stories that make you hunger for more.  I highly recommend both the Black Planet series and the Imperative series, both from  Changeling Press.