Monday, November 17, 2008

The Trouble With Destiny ~ J. K. Coi

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The Trouble With Destiny

Mild-mannered Sarah McInnes just wants to be left alone. She’s looking forward to finishing graduate school and then working a nice, normal nine-to-five job as an accountant. But when fate interferes with her carefully laid plans in the form of the mysterious and sexy Dorian, her life takes an unexpected detour.

Dorian is a take-no-prisoners kind of guy. For him, duty comes first. So when he intervenes one night to save Sarah from the murderous hands of a daemon and discovers she has the innate ability to fight them, he of course steps in and offers to train her. Daemons notwithstanding, the job would be much easier and their relationship less complicated if Dorian didn’t also happen to be the hottest thing this side of hell.

Now instead of spending her nights in the library Sarah spends them with Dorian, keeping the city safe from monsters and sending them back where they belong. Whether she wants to or not, Sarah has to face the facts: daemons exist, she possesses the power to kill them, and she may never make it to Calculus on time again.

That’s the Trouble with Destiny...

In true Buffy fashion, Sarah McInnes attacks her destiny with strength, skill and a quick wit.  This lighthearted, yet very sexy story captured me from the first sentence and had me laughing and sighing ever after.  Well-written and well-executed, J. K. Coi leaves you wondering at the end, hoping for just a hint at the future.