Friday, December 5, 2008

So, How Much of a Geek Am I, Really?

From those who think they know me, you might be told, ‘kinda’ or ‘pretty much’.  From those who REALLY know me?  Laughter.  All you’d get is laughter.

Why?  Because I am Über Geek.  And they know it.

Just to prove my point, let me say this: I recently joined the History Book of the Month Club.  Need I say more?  Well, okay, I can tell you what I just received in my first shipment.

Joan of Arc: Maid, Myth and Mystery – Timothy Wilson-Smith

Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography – David Michaelis

Romanovs: Ruling Russia 1613-1917 – Lindsey Hughes

The Mental Floss History of the World – Erik Sass and Steve Wiegand

So, now you know the extent of my Geekness.  Oh, that and I just received The Warning Label Book, but we’ll keep that just between us, k?



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Gift From Phaze Books!

A free download of hot Christmas shorts.  No, not those, I mean short stories.  Sheesh.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

Shameleslly copied and pasted out of their e-mail:

Phaze Christmas

As a way to thank our many readers, Phaze Books authors have contributed stories to a great free collection called "Up The Chmney He Rose..." This sexy holiday collection includes stories from Leigh Ellwood, Bridget Midway, Jae Knight, D. Musgrave, Michelle Houston, Jane Leopold Quinn, Jude Mason, Jamie Hill, Victoria Blisse and Lisabet Sarai!

Click this link to read the stories and enjoy!

Happy holidays!

Phaze Books

Exceptional Erotic Fiction

(and then go buy some books from them!)

~TCBL (wherein the ‘B’ stands for BOOKS this time)

Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home ~ Michele Bardsley

You can find Michele here and her books EVERYWHERE!

To prove her journalistic chops, Libby Monroe ends up in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, chasing down bizarre rumors of strange goings-on—and finding vampires, lycanthropes, and zombies. She never expects to fall in lust with one of them, but vampire/single dad Ralph Genessa is too irresistible. Only the town is being torn in two by a war between the undead—and Libby may be the only thing that can hold Broken Heart together…

Once again, Michele Bardsley delivers a fun, fast-paced novel stuffed full of laughs and steamy love scenes.  I think that to date, Libby and Ralph’s story has been my favorite. I love the idea of a dragon added into the mix of paranormals in Broken Heart, OK.  But then, I’m rather partial to dragons in the first place. 

Each book gets better and better, the town rounding itself out more every chapter.  Well done Michele!  Can’t wait for the NEXT one! 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Today’s Quote

From Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home by Michele Bardsley.

Now that I was paranormal, too, it was probably smarter to stay here than to live in the human world as a half dragon, half dork.” ~ Libby Monroe.

Kissing Casanova ~ Crystal B. Bright

You can find Crystal here and you can find Casanova here.

What started as a publicity stunt to jump start a professional wrestling company turns top wrestler, Casanova’s, life upside down. The owners hope a week-long expose article on their top wrestler will bring in new fans. Casanova is no fan of journalists, however, and he isn’t keen on the idea of opening up about his life, especially with the secrets he's trying to hide.

Unfortunately for him that’s all it takes to rivet Soledad Monroe’s interest in what was only a half hearted attempt at journalism. A rich, socialite-party girl, Soledad Monroe hates the fact that her parents have forced her to work as a journalist at one of their magazines almost as much as she resents her parents’ determination to steer her away from the altar, for Soledad, a seven-time divorcee, marries like it's a hobby. For a wrestler whose shtick is asking planted women in the audience to marry him, the world is waiting for him to propose and fill in spot number eight....

As crazy as this combination sounds, it works and works well!  Soledad is a spoiled brat doing just what she has to in order to keep from getting cut off.  Tyler is stuck in the horrors of his past and unable to trust.  Through a few mishaps and a lot of crossed wires, they eventually get to know one another and begin to trust all over again.

Very well written and spicy, without being overly graphic, Kissing Casanova was a nice change from your usual contemporary romance.  Full of laughs as well as tender moments.

Do You Twitter?

If you do, you MUST go check out DeadWords.  Author Jamieson Wolf has started a short story here and so far, it’s been amazing!

Check it out here: