Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dangerous Ties: Captive Heat ~ Jodi Lynn Copeland


“Captive Heat” by Jodi Lynn Copeland

Leia is compelled to explore her innermost desire: to be held captive by a dark, sensual god of a man. Sebastian’s uncommon sexual skills are so potent she is ready to submit to him in every way…

In this unique and emotional story, Leia is forced to face her past and come to grips with the girl she really is.  In the face of her ex-husband's suicide, she is found by Sebastian, a sexy dark god eager to help her unleash her inner goddess.

Stuck somewhere between heaven and hell, Sebastian resides.  Bringing Leia along with him, he and his band of skin shifters coax her hidden self into being.

A beautifully written, erotic romp that brings tough times, hard choices, and painful emotions to the forefront of Leia's mind.  Definitely worth the read.

Only one story left and I'm done - next up is Anya Howard's Liaison.

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