Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dangerous Ties: Personal Possessions ~ Devyn Quinn


“Personal Possessions” by Devyn Quinn

A bad girl on the run meets a master of domination in a mysterious town called Helle—and Nikki Malone is about to be introduced to the most exquisite sensations by a man like no other. Jackson Sullivan meets her more than halfway …

If this first story is anything to judge by, then the entire Dangerous Ties anthology is going to be a scorcher!

Devyn Quinn is a master of the dark erotic novel.  She has a way of taking something scary and/or unhappy and turning it into a beautifully written, heart-wrenching story of steaming passion.  Personal Possessions is no exception.

Nikki Malone believes that she is the toughest of the tough and that nothing can ever stand in the way of her obtaining her heart's desire.  And then she meets Jackson Sullivan. 

Jackson is sultry, sexy, and horny.  And he's so much more than he seems.  Will he be Nikki's match or will she roll right over him?  Only time will tell.

A wonderfully erotic and different beginning to what promises to be an exciting collection of stories.

Next in line - Captive Heat by Jodi Lynn Copeland.  Stay tuned. :)


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Devyn Quinn said...

Thanks for the lovely review! Glad you enjoyed the book!