Saturday, June 6, 2009

Highland Rebel ~ Judith James

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this lovely book, due out in September 2009.  Please visit Judith James online to learn more about this book and more. 

feature Amidst the upheaval of Cromwell's Britain, Jamie Sinclair's wit and military prowess have served him well. Leading a troop in Scotland, he impetuously marries a captured maiden, saving her from a grim fate.

A Highlands heiress to title and fortune, Catherine Drummond is not the woman Jamie believes her to be. When her people effect her rescue, and he cannot annul the marriage, Jamie goes to recapture his hellcat of a new wife...

In a world where family and creed cannot be trusted, where faith fuels intolerance and war, Catherine and Jamie test the bounds of loyalty, friendship, and trust...

Jamie Sinclair is a man of his time.  Good with the women, killer at poker, and a military master.  His happy, easy-going manner gets him through many a scrape and bad situation. 

And then he discovers Cat Drummond.

Cat is a highland heiress mistaken for a camp follower, taken captive by the English.  In a hasty bid to save her from a worse fate, Jamie steps in and offers her marriage. 

Combining a spitfire and a man with nothing to lose is a recipe for disaster, or so it would seem.  However, once discovering that she'll never rule her clan as her father intended, unless it was at the elbow of a domineering husband, Cat leaves Scotland for England, bound to find her husband, Jamie, and seek an annulment - and then get on with her life.  And her freedom.

Thrown together by bizarre circumstances, Jamie and Cat come together and make a promise benefiting them both.  But the more time they spend in one another's company, the more attracted they become.  And less bent on divorce.

A true love story of polar opposites forced together, only to find that they feed each other's hottest fires, Highland Rebel is an enjoyable read.  It's a story where the romance is the theme but not the rule.  You're introduced to the intrigue and politics of British court, as well as the action on the back alleys of London.  And interwoven into all the action, war, and politics is the budding love of two very different people.


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