Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kiss & Hell ~ Dakota Cassidy


Hell’s not the only thing that’s hot in the sinful new novel from the author of Accidentally Dead.

Delaney Markham doesn’t just see dead people, she hears them too. And FYI—communicating with tortured souls all day can really wreak havoc on your love life. Sans boyfriend, Delaney makes the best of her gift by holding séance's to make ends meet—that is until one incredibly annoying ghost just won’t go away.

Besides being sinfully hot—in a college professor sort of way—all signs point to Clyde Atwell being much more than the ordinary spirit. In fact, he’s a newbie demon whose first assignment is to take Delaney back down to hell with him. Yeah, like that’s going to happen on the first date.

(I don't think there are any spoilers below, but I suck at that kind of thing so consider yourself warned.)

Delaney has got to be my favorite of Dakota's characters to date.  She's the most well-rounded and amusing woman I've read in a long time.  Now, I'm not knocking Marty, Nina or Wanda (the gods only know, I don't want Nina to unleash that sharp tongue of hers on ME), but the were, admittedly, pretty self-absorbed, which is precisely what their stories needed them to be.  Delaney, while being focused on herself, was also dedicated to her brother Kellen, her six mutant dogs, and her best friend, Marcella...who has issues of her own.  And the times that she turned inward and thrust the hero violently away, well, you got it.  I mean, he IS a demon after all, right?

And Clyde... what can I say about Clyde?  I'm a lover of geeks to begin with, so a smart man with a hot bod is like my total dream date.  Add to that the reality that he spouts useless trivia (something I've been known to do) and seems to know every 80's song ever released (says she who is listening to the 80's on 8, XM Channel 8, All 80's all the time) and you have a fun, annoying, hot and amusingly irritating man for the new Ghost Whisperer.  Did I mention he was hot?  And good in bed?  I did?  Oh.  Sorry. 

One of the things I love best about Dakota's novels is something I tend to find so rarely - her side characters, the supporting actors, if you will, are just as well-developed and just as interesting as the main couple.  They have their own stories and are just begging to have them told.  So often the supporting characters are just there to help the story along and you know that that's all they're there for.  You don't hardly notice them, nor do you care.  Not so in this case.  I want to know more about Kellen, Marcella, Delaney's mom and hell, even Satan interested me!  Sequel anyone?  Please?  I really wanna know what Marcella did...

I think that, in the end, with every book Dakota becomes a stronger writer, and a better writer.  Not saying that the first three Accidental books are crap, they're not - they're all fabulous stories on their own.  I'm just saying that Kiss & Hell has just raised her proverbial bar.  It's my new DC favorite and I'm positive it'll become one of yours as well. 

Dakota?  I love you, you know I do.  Thanks again for another laugh-riot of a novel.  Princess is rubbing her hands, biding her time until she's 30 so that she can start reading them as well.  Her first reaction when I showed her Kiss & Hell?  "Mommy!  It's not an Accidental book!  Isn't she writing them anymore?"  LOL  An accidental fan in training, that girl.  But, I pacified her by letting her know that The Accidental Demon is forthcoming.  She's a happy Princess now. 

~Til Later,

The Crazy Book Lady, an Accidental Fan if there ever was one


Dakota Cassidy said...

Oh, honey--this is so wonderful, and I'll treasure it always :)

Delaney is much, much different than the accidentals, in that she outwardly gives. The girls? not so much. LOL. They can be very self-absorbed, and shallow while still loving each other to bits. So I get what you mean.

This was a harder book to write because it had a lot of twists and turns--the emotions are a bit deeper, and I was really worried it wouldn't go over like the accidentals, but I'm glad you "got" the intent behind it. This book isn't as light and fluffy as the accidentals either--with the exception of Wanda. So I sweat-a. LOT. LOL

I love to do the outlandish and different, but I really enjoyed Delaney and Clyde--so I hope your ready for Marcella and Kellen in 2010!

ANd you tell Taylor she'd better not be reading my books till she's FIRTY-FIVE. LOLLOL

Thanks so much, honey :)

Dakota :)

Dakota Cassidy said...

uh, forty-five--firty-five is too long. LMAO

DC :)