Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Succulent Slavery ~ Crystal Brewton

You can find Crystal here and purchase Succulent Slavery here.


After a lifetime at the hands of uncaring masters, she finds herself on the auction block once again. She is bought at an incredibly high price by a woman. Her first female Master gives her an intriguing offer. If she cannot please the slave in seven days enough for the slave to stay enslaved willingly, the slave will be emancipated. What decision will the young slave woman come to?


The sweetly erotic story of a nameless slave girl who has been passed around, used and sold.  When she once again finds herself up upon the block she has no idea of what to expect… and even if she had, she wouldn’t have ever guessed that this would be the answer.

In the safe and skilled hands of her mistress, Carus, and her companion slave, Aquila, she is taught to enjoy her body and to trust in others.  Fed, clothed, loved, and safe, the nameless slave girl is introduced to a new life and an entirely new world.

Beautifully written and masterfully handled, Crystal Brewton evokes strong emotions from all three women.  Each personality is developed and displayed wonderfully.  I’m constantly amazed at her ability to set the stage and develop her characters in so few pages.  Yet another must-read story from Ms. Brewton.

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