Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Second Date ~ Mary Lydon Simonsen

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Sonia Amundsen looks like a Nordic goddess on the outside, but her heart, soul, and stomach are all Italian. She is also a successful professional who is about to celebrate her 30th birthday. Although friends have been setting her up on blind dates for two years, she never goes out on a second date with any of them because she is still looking for that perfect guy. The problem is that she has very specific criteria as to who Mr. Right is. Sonia is beginning to think that such a man is not out there until.... Set in the late 1980s, Sonia is surrounded by an extended Italian family, a caring, but over-bearing mother, warring aunts who use family funerals to stage full-blow tragedies, and a close friend, whose main goals in life are to get pregnant and to help Sonia find true love. The Second Date explores friendship and love in the heart of the Italian-American community where food is second importance only to love.

A wonderful story about how two seemingly opposite families come together and grow throughout the years. The story focuses on young Sonia who, at almost 30, is still not married, much to her mother's horror. The Second Date details her courtship with the charming Nick Santangelo and shows just how true love can conquer the worst of mistakes, as well as obnoxious family members.
Whether you're Italian or not, you're sure to love this novel. It's full of sweet stories, family togetherness and a lot of laughs. Ms. Simonsen's style of writing puts you in mind of a documentary, but you experience none of the disassociation you experience while reading one. And while that may not make any sense to anyone other than myself, I do believe her unique writing style is the biggest charm hidden within this novel.

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