Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jamieson Wolf x 2

You can find Jamieson here.

In-between novels, I decided to read a couple of shorts I had stored on my Kindle to pass the time.  I found two by Jamieson Wolf. 

The first, The Wakeful Book of Desire, was a free read I picked up somewhere, although now, I couldn't tell you just where.  LOL  It was an odd sort of collection of mini-mini stories that all flowed together.  Very unique and very well done.

The second, Starlight, Starbright, is a free read available at Jamieson's Yahoo group, here.  It tells the story of what happens when wishes do come true.  And at 42 pages, it is steamy, steamy, steamy!  A very cute and well written short that I highly recommend.  And now, I need to go and buy some new books!