Friday, October 9, 2009

Beautiful Mess The Story of Diamond Rio ~ Diamond Rio with Tom Roland


Country music super group Diamond Rio took six very different men, melded them together and became an award winning act. Despite their differences, many serious setbacks, and a lot of tough challenges, they managed to pull through even the hardest of times and not just stick together but stay friends as well. This is their inspiring story of how they did just that.

I was absolutely amazed at the perseverance and complete faith shown by all six of these men. Through numerous lineup changes in the beginning to a year full of disasters, never once did they let themselves or their group down. When one was having trouble, the other five rallied around to help and support them.

I also enjoyed the way the book was set up – you start with the problem that almost destroyed the group and then you moved into the beginnings of Diamond Rio’s core. From there, you are treated to a short bio on each of the members and after that, you come back to the problem that almost pulled the group apart at the end.

As you see in the resolution, they weathered even that horrible storm to stick together for twenty-five years. They are just an amazing group and I am totally in awe of all they have gone through for the sake of their music. A truly inspiring story that will bring you to tears at points and have you laughing out loud at others.

(book provided by publisher)