Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On the Beat of Passion: Cassandra’s Cops 3 ~ Crystal Brewton

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Through their epic adventures together, John and Cassandra O'Keeffe have faced some of the greatest turmoils of their lives, but nothing quite matches what they will encounter in this latest installment of the Cassandra's Cops series. After a deadly terrorist attack, health and financial problems plague them, while the hands of death taunt them. Militant feminism and bigotry haunt them. In their most dangerous adventure yet, will they survive to see their happy ending?

I was so excited to see the return of John and Cass O’Keefe!  There had been entirely too much time between stories… 

On the Beat of Passion is by far the best in the series to date.  Both John and Cassandra face trials that could easily break their marriage – and their spirits – if they allow them to.  Add into that a psychotic bad guy (one of the best to date!), sometimes too much family, a healthy dose of drama, and a whole lotta steaming interaction between John and Cass and you wind up with a story you can’t stop reading. 

Filled with nonstop action, On the Beat of Passion sucks you in from the very first page.  Slowly the story builds, adding detail upon detail, until the shocking resolution at the very end.  The author not only tests the inner strength of each character individually, but she also tests the marriage of John and Cass, pushing it to its very limits.  Will it break?  Will they break?  There’s only one way to find out… go pick it up and see if you can put it down.


Books, Books, Books…

Yesterday seemed to be my day for books.  First, I get an e-mail telling me that yet another book has been mailed from PBS.  This book, Killer Year: Stories to Die For has been on my wish list for quite some time now and I was excited to see it become available. 

The next thing I discovered is that I had won a contest at Bitten by Books!  I was chosen to receive a $50 gift certificate from the Michelle Rowen contest.  I’m eternally grateful to both BBB and Ms. Rowen for that one!  And if you enjoy paranormal books and haven’t stopped by BBB yet, what are you waiting for?  Always a contest of some type going on and they’re so very easy to enter (and win!).

I was feeling pretty good about my good fortune and then I arrived home.  To a stuffed mailbox!


Yup, your favorite crazy lady had hit the proverbial jackpot. 

First, I got this:


G. I. Joe Front Line Volume 4: One-Shots.  Yes, my friends, a G. I. Joe graphic novel.  I know, I know, I’m a dork.  But I squee’d in delight just the same.  Come on, you’re talking to a girl who owns the cartoons on DVD! 

Next, was this:


Holly’s Inbox by Holly Denham, is another I’ve waited a long time for.  The entirety of the novel is told through e-mails sent to Holly via various people in her life.  The idea intrigued me and thus, I had to order it.

Lastly, I got a double-bonus:


Many Bloody Reutrns and:


The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance

Both of the above books are collections of short stories by various authors (as is the Killer Year anthology from above) and both center around vampires (although this does not apply to the Killer Year anthology, we won’t hold that against it, right?).  Many Bloody Returns has a cute idea surrounding it – all the stories deal with vampire birthdays.  Hey, sounds like a great idea to me!  The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance is just that – a collection of romance stories containing vampires.  Both books are stuffed full of my favorite authors – Charlaine Harris, Kelley Armstrong, Jim Butcher, P. N. Elrod, Kimberly Raye, Lilith Saintcrow, Karen Chance and more.  Plus, the added benefit of containing stories by authors I’ve always wanted to try like Rachel Vincent, Susan Sizemore, Shiloh Walker, Rachel Caine, and Jeanne C. Stein.  So, I can’t lose with either of these, can I?

Oh!  And I almost forgot – both of these last books were won from The Qwillery, a blog hosted by my friend, Qwill (but of course, what else would you think she called herself?).  If you like books (and hell, you MUST otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading, would you?) then you really need to check her blog out.  And lookie – she even has a shiny new contest going on!

As always, thanks for coming to visit and happy reading!  I have a book review to post (well, actually, I have a LOT, but only one that I’m going to do today LOL), so be sure to come back later!

~The Crazy Book Lady