Thursday, October 21, 2010

Book Woes

Wow, bet you never thought you’d see a post like this from ME of all people, huh?  Well,  have to say this much… lately I’ve run into some less-than-stellar writing and it really annoys me.  Now, I’m not talking about just not enjoying a book because I’d never do that.  Just because I hated it doesn’t mean you might not love it, right?  To each their own and have fun with it.  My opinions are just that – my opinions.

What I’m talking about is just amateurish writing.  And while I will never, ever name names, it bugs me sometimes.  I mean, there are a hoard of really good authors out there that can’t get published and, here I sit, reading a book that sounds like a twelve-year-old wrote it.  And even then, that’s not even fair.  I mean, weren’t Christopher Paolini and Amelia Atwater-Rhodes both teens when they were first published?

I guess what’s irritating me is that this book has a great premise and really interesting characters… it just falls flat in the execution.  Is it wrong of me to feel slighted? 

On a happier note, my other woe at the moment is… what to read next?  I’ve a collection of books at home to delve into as well as more than a few here at work.  Just a peak into a little of what may be coming your way soon…

Lucinda, Darkly ~ Sunny

Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side ~ Beth Fantaskey

An Evil Guest ~ Gene Wolfe

Princess, Princess Volume 2

Pagan’s Crusade ~ Catherine Jinks

Anyone read any of these?  Got any good recs?  Let me know!