Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Reading Log

I don’t normally blog a list of my yearly reads, however, since I keep track for my reviewing, I thought I’d share a list of my reads for 2010.

Total books: 97

Total pages read: 21,792

Average pages per book: 224.7

The List:

Title                       Author                  Pages

Devil's Cub                                                          Georgette Heyer             310

Love Not Forgotten                                        Ellen Ashe                           216

Death du Jour                                                    Kathy Reichs                      451

The Scarlet Lion                                               Elizabeth Chadwick         549

Silver Bells                                                           Hunter Raines                   82

Reparation in Blood                                        Ariel Tachna                       332

Feral Heat                                                           Lacey Savage                     343

Freaksville                                                           Kitty Keswick                    327

The Enchanted Flute                                      Nichelle Gregory              21

GRRR!                                                                   Reese Johnson                 28

Black Legacy                                                       Juliana Stone                     48

Pas de Deux                                                       Fiona Jayde                        68

Beta Read                                                                                                           416

The Witchy Ways of Abbie Adams            Rhonda Hayter                  242

When Good Wishes Go Bad                        Mindy Klasky                     344

Heat Wave                                                          Richard Castle                    198

Cold Victory                                                        Fiona Jayde                        104

Saving Sarah                                                       Michele Bardsley             84

Uncertain Magic                                               Laura Kinsale                      480

Donny's Day                                                       Brandon Brentson           62

Love Bites Back                                                 Christopher  Newman   42

In Flesh and Stone                                           Hal Bodner                          366

For the Love of the Dead                              Hal Bodner                          203

Forest Heart                                                       Liberty Stafford                164

Immortal                                                             P. C. Cast & Others          185

Something Terrible Happened…              Marci Stillerman               200

Talk Dirty to Me                                                Jack Greene                       27

Last of the Vhalgens                                       Kayelle Allen                      35

C is for Corpse                                                   Sue Grafton                       213

Coraline                                                               Neil Gaiman                       162

Plain Brown Wrapper                                     Shelby Morgan                 261

The Mobius Striptease                                  Carolyn Haley                    349

The Spy Who Snagged Me                           Dakota Cassidy                  249

Our Sacred Balance                                         Marguerite Labbe            293

Stringz                                                                  Michael Wenberg            216

Vampire Kisses                                                 Ellen Schreiber                  272

Grave Peril                                                          Jim Butcher                        378

Downfall                                                              Elene Lewis                        63

The Apprentice's Touch                                Mary Winter                      72

Mistress for Marcos                                        Ellen Ashe                           29

Goldeneyes                                                       Delia Latham                      263

Kissing Coffins                                                   Ellen Schreiber                 224

Unholy Embrace                                               Neil Benson                        204

Velvet Cataclysm                                             Beth Kery                            170

Girl Gone Nova                                                 Paulline Baird Jones        434

The Celtic God Who Loved Her                  Selene Noreen                 44

On the Beat of Passion                                  Crystal Brewton                158

The Art of Running in the Rain                    Garth Stein                         321

33 A.D.                                                                  David McAfee                   277

Shane                                                                   Crystal Brewton                29

Beta Read                                                                                                           411

Karma Bites                                                        Stacy Kramer/Valerie Thomas    352

Holly's Inbox                                                      Holly Denham                    736

Transylvania, Louisiana                                  Evelyn Smith                      90

Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City               Holly Denham                  535

Blockade Billy                                                     Stephen King                    132

Deadly Decisions                                              Kathy Reichs                      301

Umbrosus                                                           James Herring                   362

7th Heaven                                                         James Patterson              353

The Fugitive Countess                                   Anne Herries                     280

To Catch a Killer                                               Kimberly Van Meter       216

The Point                                                             Victoria Blisse                    47

Going Bovine                                                     Libba Bray                           480

Kiss Me Before I Die                                       Rena Marks                        127

Black Destiny                                                     Juliana Stone                     57

Crossroads                                                          Keta Diablo                         73

Crossroads: Showdown                                 Keta Diablo                         67

Crossroads: Shadowland                              Keta Diablo                         66

Crossroads: Revisted                                      Keta Diablo                         79

Sizzling Sixteen                                                 Janet Evanovich               320

The Secret Society of the Pink…                Risa Green                          320

Princess Princess Volume 1                         Mikiyo Tsuda                     208

Black Magic Lover                                            Cynthia Cooke                   281

Chivalrous Captain Rebel Mistress            Diane Gaston                    281

The Abused Werewolf Group                    Catherine Jinks                 418

Witch Wolf                                                          Winter Pennington         242

Hope in Patience                                              Beth Fehlbaum                 312

Whitechapel Road                                           Wayne Mallows               300

Vampire Island                                                  Adele Griffin                    129

Beta Read                                                                                                           406

Half Bitten                                                           P. J. Hawkinson                332

Stopping Point                                                  Victoria Blisse                    78

Dark and Disorderly                                        Bertina Harris                     262

The Accidental Highland Hero                     Terry Spear                        125

Prequel: Zuko's Story                                     Avatar Manga                    144

Ivan and Marya                                                 Anna Kashina                     174

The Last Airbender                                          Avatar Manga                    128

Moonstruck Madness                                    Laurie McBain                    365

The Surgeon                                                      Tess Gerritson                   350

Eternity and a Day                                           Aline Hunter                      219

Voices in the Dark                                            Lacey Savage                     48

Bloodsucking Vegas                                        J. J. Wylie                           170

Consequences                                                  M. Flagg                               405

Jasmine                                                               Crystal Brewton                165

Shelter From the Storm                               Samantha Sommersby 150

Merrie Axemas: A Killer Holiday Tale     M. R. Sellars                       56

Colter's Wife                                                      Maya Banks                        32

Okay, and so yeah, I know, the formatting is a bit skewed, but if you had any idea how much I fought with this list, you’d understand why I just don’t care any longer.  LOL

So, is anything familiar on that list?  Anything that interests you?  Let me know!

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