Friday, April 29, 2011

From Peanuts to the Pressbox: Insider Sports Stories from a Life Behind the Mic ~ Eli Gold

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From Peanuts to Pressbox was an interesting and fun trip through the trials and successes that lead Eli Gold to go from mere sports fan to well-loved announcer. Come along with Mr. Gold as he recounts his budding desires as a kid and his eventual success in making his one true dream come true, finding a way to move out of the stadium and into the pressbox, where he knew he belonged.

I have long been a sports fan, having grown up in a family that lives and breathes sports of all kinds – baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, you name it, we watch it – so Eli Gold’s story was an instant draw for me. His sheer determination and desire to become a broadcaster intrigued me while his come-what-may attitude surprised me. Not once did he ever let things get him down. With each bump in the road, he just picked himself up, brushed off the dust, and moved forward. In addition to his inspiring determination, he treats us to many funny and interesting stories from behind the scenes of the many teams he’s worked for over the years, giving you a better idea of just what some of these minor league athletes –and broadcasters – have to endure on their way to the big leagues.

It doesn’t matter what sport you call your favorite. If you’ve ever loved a game of any kind, and if you’ve ever had that favorite voice behind the team, then you will enjoy Eli Gold’s story and all of the stories from behind the mic.

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