Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cosa Nostra: The Truce by Crystal Brewton and RK Priddy

You can find Crystal here and purchase Cosa Nostra here.

2CN-COVER-FRONT-18002700As we all know, the Irish and the Italian Mafia have been pitted against each other since time immemorial (as Ms. Brewton amply demonstrates in her O’Keeffe Family stories) and the Bittettos and McCaffereys of Cosa Nostra: The Truce are definitely not the exception to this rule.

At each other’s throats competitively in business both legal and black market, and literally in nearly continuous episodes of violence that do not scruple to affect members of the immediate families, the Italian vs. Irish war rattles on in its bloodshed. Until: a truce is suggested. If Ty Bittetto, newly returned from Italy, will wed businesswoman Camille McCafferey, the two families will let up on their unending war. Or so it seems on the surface, but when it comes to crime, the surface is just that: a fa├žade. The truth that lies beneath will be much more horrid, for both families. And this is just the beginning of the end.

I’m a very loyal reader.  Once I find an author that I enjoy, I will make a point to read everything they’ve published, even if it falls into a genre that I don’t normally read.  It makes me especially happy to read an ongoing series by an author that I love because their characters are what brought me here in the first place, right?

So, when I discovered that Ms. Brewton had a new release, I was excited because I’ve been a fan for years now.  I was both a bit saddened and a  lot excited at the same time when I realized it was not going to be another Cass’ Cops story.  But, being the loyal reader that I am, I went in with an open mind.  And I wasn’t disappointed. 

Cosa Nostra introduces us to a whole new world and an entirely new set of families who are at odds with each other.  Because of course, they have to be, right?  After all, one family is Irish, one family is Italian, both sides are Mafia.  To quote a favorite song of mine, “This can’t be good.”

And that’s an understatement.

One of the hardest things to do as an author is to take a character who does despicable things for a living and make them relatable, enjoyable, and likable. Ms. Brewton does a good job with this time and time again. You want to not just like these mobsters, but have dinner with them and their families. Hang out and tip one back.  You become entrenched in their lives and emotionally involved quickly.

The idea of bringing two families together through a mutual marriage isn’t a new one, but there’s a reason why the old standby story lines work, right?  When you push two self-sufficient, independent people to do something neither one wants, bad things happen.  Enter an intense story line packed full of action, intensity, and just enough romance and humor to make it a well-balanced tale you won’t want to stop reading.

Cosa Nostra: The Truce is an engaging, powerful story of love, money, and family obligations.  It will draw you in and hold you till the end.  Who will come out on the winning end?  There’s no way to tell for sure…  

(I’m also hoping that we’ll soon hear more from both sides of the fence and learn more about the Bittettos and the McCaffreys.)       

{And on a silly side note… I recently started watching USA Network’s White Collar, so, while watching this, every time I read the name McCaffrey, my mind automatically went to Neal CAFFREY and a particular pair of blue eyes… I’m looking at you, Matt Bomer.  Yeah, I know, totally unrelated but well, this is ME you’re talking to.  Smile}

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