Monday, June 3, 2013

The Boss ~ Abigail Barnette


You can find Ms. Barnette here and The Boss here.  Her books can be found at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

A young woman working at a New York City fashion magazine comes to work one day to find the man she had an amazing one night stand with years ago is now her boss.

And that’s not the only thing that goes to hell for Sophie that morning.  Discovering the woman she’d been working under for the last two years has been ousted and the magazine bought out, Sophie is racing to adjust and figure out just what the heck is going on.  Running into Neil only adds to the crazy. 

Sophie is a riot, to say the least.  No matter how bad things look, she can always manage to find a sarcastic remark or something to joke about to lighten the situation.  This isn’t to say that she doesn’t have her down moments, because she does.  Her bravado is just that – bravado.  There are still things in her life that she’s unsure about and it shows.  I love when a character is able to be vulnerable and strong, too. 

Neil is… well, he’s Neil.  He’s sexy and he’s powerful and he’s rich.  But he’s more than that, too.  He’s a father and a business owner and he’s Sophie’s new boss.  The more you get to know Neil, the more you like him.  Seeing him flounder with his daughter or laugh with his friend, Rudy, makes him more real and less perfect. 

Have I ever told you that I’m a sucker for secondary characters?  I have this awful habit of imprinting on the minor characters and falling in love with them more so than the main couple.  While I will say that I absolutely adore Sophie and Neil, I equally adore Rudy, Holli and Deja.  I fiercely hope that there will be more of all three in the next book because they really add a lot to the depth of the story and to Sophie and Neil.  They are more than background noise, they’re a part of the bigger picture.

The Boss does have a sexy twist.  Sophie and Neil agree to a Dom/sub relationship where Sophie is the submissive half.  This is both entertaining and highly seductive as Sophie knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to make her opinion known, but the idea of submitting thrills her.  It’s a learning process for both of them and in these moments we see more clearly who they are and who they might be.  Having burned out on BDSM novels a few years ago, The Boss has breathed new life into the genre for me.  Partly because it is so sensually written, but mostly due to the intensity of the personal relationship between Sophie and Neil.  There’s real respect and friendship even between them. 

Ms. Barnette has a wonderful, flowing style that makes reading her novels effortless. You’re picked up and carried off on the back of Sophie and launched right into her world.  I once had an English teacher tell me that first person point of view was used only by immature writers to tell immature stories.  I have to completely disagree with her because I honestly believe that the effectiveness of this novel lies in the fact that we see it all through Sophie’s point of view making every choice, decision, and action more important to the outcome. 

The Boss is an emotional rollercoaster laced with laughter and jam-packed full of steamy, exciting sex, both involving BDSM and not.  However, there is more to see than the sexual relationship between them.  There’s intrigue and fun and surprises, too.  The twist at the end will leave you stunned and begging for the next installment pronto!  But more than that, it will leave you thinking, wondering about Neil and Sophie and just what on earth they are going to get up to next. 

Disclaimer: I was provided with an advanced copy of The Boss by the author in exchange for a fair review.

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