Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fangs of Anarchy Parts 1-3 ~ Dakota Cassidy

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Irish McConnell would give his immortality for a taste of Claire Montgomery. But the Fangs of Anarchy leader can’t risk his biker club, his vampire clan, or his tenuous truce with werewolf Gannon Dodd, Claire’s pack alpha—and her intended mate. Nope. Vamps and weres don’t mix, and Irish has managed to keep that in mind for five long, lust-filled years.

But now Claire’s gone and done something really, really (really!) bad, guaranteeing her doom if she’s ever found out. Truce be damned, Irish won’t leave her unprotected, despite the fact this is one murder-filled bundle of trouble he doesn’t need.

And unfortunately for Irish, the trouble’s just beginning…

Okay, so I thought I had already reviewed part 1, but I guess I was wrong.  So, I will lump the first three together, which might actually be easier in the end.

The one thing you need to know going into this is that this is a serial novella and that each part (so far) ends on a mild cliffhanger.  Consider yourself warned.

Claire Montgomery is probably the oddest characters I’ve met in awhile.  She’s not only a werewolf, but a librarian to boot.  Which, if you ask me, is pretty awesome.  I like that she’s mostly mild-mannered and non-aggressive unless she needs to be. And if she needs to be?  You had better watch out. 

Irish McConnell, on the other hand, is your rebel – smoking hot vampire biker bad boy.  At least, on the outside.  Little does the world know that he has a soft spot for a certain librarian.  By the third installment, you’ve gotten to know a little bit more about him, giving him more depth and making him just that much more interesting (and desirable). 

The best part about Irish and Claire’s relationship is all the friendly banter.  No matter what is going on or how dire things look, they each are locked and loaded with an arsenal of snarky comments.  Honestly, it reminds me an awful lot of the relationship I have with my husband.  Besides, it really brings a bit of levity into the intense moments. 

Through part three, Fangs of Anarchy has been a funny, sexy and engrossing series.  The cliffhanger at the end of part two made me thankful I had already purchased part three and had it loaded and ready to go!  I really cannot wait to see where Irish and Claire end up and seriously – why the heck did she do it?

Disclaimer: I purchased these e-books with my own hard earned cash because I lurve Dakota and want to support her any way I can. 


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